SAFIR Objectives

SAFIR aims to provide high quality capacity building & training on Infrastructure regulation, & related topics, in South Asia.

Specific objectives of SAFIR are:

  • Provide a platform for experience sharing amongst the regulators of the region.
  • Facilitating effective & efficient regulation of utility & Infrastructure industries.
  • Initiate beneficial exchange of knowledge & expertise.
  • Evolve best practices.
  • Build regulatory decision-making and response capacity in South Asia.
  • Conduct training programmes to serve regulatory agencies and other stakeholders
  • Spur research on regulatory issues.
  • Interact, coordinate, facilitate & engage with various international developments; regulation, financial bodies & government or private entities of various countries,
  • In addition , ancillary / incidental objectives includes.
    • Providing a database of information relating to regulatory reform process and experiences.
    • Make, amend, rescind or add the rules and regulations for the conduct of affairs of the Association.
    • Promote, support, affiliate, amalgamate or merge with any other body or institution having partially or wholly similar aim or objectives.
    • Prepare and print public papers, periodicals, monographs and books, in furtherance of the objectives of SAFIR.